Re-Mineralized Water

There are two ways that you can take in minerals, you can either eat them or drink them. Your body then uses them to keep you in good health. A diet lacking in proper minerals can lead to poor health.

The quickest and easiest way to obtain what you need is by drinking good old plain mineral water.

Minerals are essential to maintain a healthy human body. If your drinking water lacks these minerals, then your body will get them from other sources within your body. This can leave your body cells depleted.

Experts recommend that you do not drink demineralized or distilled water on a regular basis. Doing so can be bad for the digestive system and can also lead to mineral deficiency in your body.

To decide whether or not mineral water is healthy for your body, you will have find out what exactly is in the water.

However, as it has a number of nutritional properties for your body, mineral water is generally considered healthy. Apart from this, you should be aware that removal of these minerals or lack of these minerals in water could leave you with mineral deficiencies.

Still not convinced that mineral water is healthy and worth drinking?

There are several problems with bottled water. It is heavy and difficult to transport from the store and creates massive waste. So where can you get an unlimited supply of natural mineral water?

Some people choose to install a residential reverse osmosis system. This works by forcing the water through a porous membrane. In this, the size of the pores would determine which substances flow through and which get blocked.

The problem is that minerals generally tend to be larger molecules and so the reverse osmosis method can actually reduce or block the mineral content in the water to little or none.

A better option would be a filter system. Most often known as selective filtration, this method takes out the contaminants but leaves the trace minerals in the water. This method is very cost effective, much cheaper than buying bottled water. You have access to an almost unlimited supply of great tasting, chemical free water for cooking, drinking, bathing, and other water needs.