Water Coolers

A water cooler or water dispenser is a device that cools and dispenses water. They are generally broken up in two categories: bottleless and bottled water coolers. Bottleless water coolers are hooked up to a water supply, while bottled water coolers require delivery (or self-pick-up) of water in large bottles from vendors.  Canadian Pure Filtered Water is proud to carry an array of water coolers that our experts know will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Nexus™ FS

Features stainless steel hot and cold tanks to ensure taste is pure and refreshing. The attractive design features chrome hot and cold push buttons and accents, with chrome also framing the large illuminated dispensing area. An optional cup dispenser integrates beautifully with the unit. Stylish and functional, Nexus™ FS offers a great solution for small office or commercial use.

Features & Benefits

  • Hot and cold temperature indicator – makes selection easy
  • Larger, elevated dispensing area – accommodates a variety of containers
  • Lighted spout and dispensing area – simplifies filling of container
  • Safety lock – prevents accidents
  • Fast flow electronic dispensing – ensures water is readily available
  • Dual mechanical float on flotation cooler – for enhanced reliability
  • Optional base plate – adds stability
  • Optional integrated cup dispenser – keeps cups handy

Nexus™ CT

When space is at a premium in office environments, the Nexus™ CT is an ideal choice. The compact size easily fits under most cabinets while the dispensing area is large enough to accommodate a variety of container sizes. There is even enough room inside the case to accommodate a single icon eco3 filter for a completely integrated system. The stylish black unit is accented with chrome push buttons and trim and will be a focal point in any break room.

Features & Benefits

  • 17.5” tall – to fit under most cabinets
  • Lighted spout and dispensing area – makes filling easy
  • 11” dispensing area – accommodates a variety of containers
  • Safety lock feature – prevents accidents
  • Dual mechanical float – enhances reliability
  • Fast flowing electronic dispensing – ensures consistent filling
  • Interior holds a single icon eco3filter – for an integrated, streamlined look


Inspirations® is a basic bottled water or filtration cooler that is well suited for home or small office installations. It dispenses Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold water options through standard Tomlinson style faucets for simple operation. Available in black or white, the clean design will fit into any décor and provide years of reliable service.

Features & Benefits

  • High output refrigeration and heating system – for optimum performance
  • Tomlinson style faucets – with Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold options
  • Energy Star rated hot tank – for efficient operation
  • Rugged HDPE cabinet – for easy cleaning and durability
  • Removable 2-piece drip tray – is easy to clean
  • Optional cup dispenser – adds convenience


Inspirations®LX offers the simplicity of a basic water cooler with upgraded features that add convenience and durability. Rugged HDPE cabinet with upgraded ABS panels and handy compartment to store cups or drink mixes make this an ideal choice for home and small offices. Water is dispensed through industry standard Tomlinson style faucets with Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold options.

Features & Benefits

  • High output refrigeration and heating system – for optimum performance
  • Energy Star rated hot tank – for efficient performance
  • Tomlinson style faucets – with Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold options
  • Rugged HDPE cabinet with upgraded ABS panels – for easy cleaning and durability
  • EZ Replace technology – allows for simple replacement of front panels
  • Removable dishwasher-safe drip tray – is easy to clean
  • Pull-out compartment – holds cups or drink mixes

AquaHostess Bottled Water or Filtration Cooler

The AquaHostess™ dispenses both hot and cold water with a touch of a button on the illuminated touch screen. Contemporary styling will compliment any home or office décor. An innovative front panel lets you load water from the bottom – bottle simply slides in so there’s no more lifting. The same large area can also easily accommodate either single or dual eco3 filters or a reverse osmosis system. The AquaHostess™ offers an attractive solution for every water cooler need.

Features & Benefits

  • Dispenses hot and cold water for maximum versatility
  • Available in bottled water or filtration models to accommodate any need
  • Easy-to-use touch pad dispenses water at the touch of a button
  • Child safety lock for hot water dispensing protects children from accidents
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning with height adjustment to accommodate multiple size containers
  • Elegant design compliments any décor

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