Powered by a CO2 carbonator, SodaStream allows you to turn ordinary tap water into exciting sparkling water—in an instant!

With SodaStream, you have the flexibility to create your own customized sparkling drinks by adjusting the fizziness and flavour level to your personal taste. Try one of our Sparkling Drink Mixes, or create your own flavours!

The SodaStream System

Three simple steps to making your perfect flavoured sparkling water!

The SodaStream system makes water exciting! Turn simple tap water into sparkling water with the press of a button!

Now you can create refreshing flavoured sparkling water, from the comfort of home. SodaStream has easy-to-use Sparkling Water Makers to suit every kitchen decor, and each Sparkling Water Maker comes with everything you need to start making sparkling water drinks!

Each Sparkling Water Maker comes with either a plastic BPA-free reusable carbonating bottle, or a glass reusable carbonating bottle.

Every Sparkling Water Maker also comes with a CO2 Carbonator, which creates the carbonation. Once your sparkling water is made, you can make it even more exciting with one of our 40 Sparkling Flavour Mixes.

When you’re out of gas, the empty carbonator can be exchanged right here at Canadian Pure Filtered Water for a special gas-only price.

Canadian Pure Filtered Water is one of the retailers where you can exchange your carbonators.