We are proud to offer an array of water accessories that will make your water refreshing.


You can buy a high quality and affordable reverse osmosis faucet that is also functional and beautiful. Browse from our comprehensive selection of styles and finishes to fit any kitchen decor.


Reverse osmosis is a popular and highly-effective way to purify drinking water and the water used in many industrial and commercial processes.  We are happy to offer a full selection of replacement filters, membranes, and the rest of the bits and pieces you need to keep your reverse system in great working conditioning.

Shower Filters

We carry a selection of shower filters that help remove the chlorine and other contaminants, resulting in softer skin.

Replacement Filters

Reverse Osmosis systems use filter cartridges to purify the water you drink. These filter cartridges need to be changed periodically to ensure that your system operates at peak efficiency and effectiveness. We offer a variety of filters, membranes and filter packs to make both your purchase and RO maintenance very easy and affordable.


RO (Reverse Osmosis) membranes are the filtering media used in Reverse Osmosis Water Systems. These membranes allow for water purification in both residential and industrial/commercial applications.

RO membranes are made of a thick polyamide material with little pores for water to flow through and these pores are small enough to prevent larger organic compounds like minerals and salt to pass through.

Life expectancy of a RO membrane can vary depending on water quality and amount of use, but they usually should be replaced every 2 years.