I could have given this article the title “do as I say, not as I do”. It could also be called “how could I be so stupid?”.

Prior to drinking alkaline water, I was taking a medication for arthritis, another for acid reflux, and had received a prescription to start taking a third drug to control the level of cholesterol in my blood. Withing a week of drinking the water, my acid reflux disappeared. My arthritis disappeared within a month. I never did start taking the drug for cholestol and it has not been a problem.

All is good….right? Yup. For four years I faithfully drank the water and the physical problems that I had previously suffered from were no longer an issue.

Along comes the summer of 2012. Maybe I was trying to create my own personal armegeddon, or maybe I secretly wanted to see if I was “cured” of my previous health issues, or maybe life just got in the way.

With 4 of the 5 kids now living on their own, we decided that it was “our time”. We down-sized and moved closer to our cottage. A series of events beyond our control took place in the last four months that left us without a water ionizer. I could have retrieved a unit from storage, but life was busy and I didn’t really experience any significant degree of acid reflux or arthritis…until about three weeks ago.

At some point in October, my acid reflux started to act up and has been getting progressively worse. In the past two weeks or so, I have been experiencing more and more aches and pains. It suddenly occured to me that it was time to get back on the water. Unfortunately, our kitchen was being renovated until this past week. When the granite counter was finally installed, I added an under the counter natural water ionizer.

The change in my health within a couple of days of starting to drink the water again has been remarkable. The acid reflux has almost disappeared (the exception being when I had pizza with the kids late Friday night). The aches and pains from arthritis have been getting better every day.


Drinking ionized/energized water changed my life more than four years ago. It might change yours.

Don’t stop drinking ionized water after it stops working unless you have a well entrenched alkaline diet and you exercise and make a conscious effort to reduce stress in your life. Even if you do all of those things, I would still recommend drinking the water based upon many discussions I have had with vegetarians who found the water made a positive difference in their lives. Regardless of whether you drink the water or not, I still recommend that everyone eat the right foods, exercise, and reduce stress…..but I know from personal experience that it is easier said than done.